naked wine, natural wine ?

Basically it’s wine produced without additives. No rectification to industry standards, just letting the wine express its roots, the grape, the soil, the weather. Otherwise « le terroir » – the place where a bunch of unique factors come together each particular year. Getting used to industrialised wines, it could surprise by its soulfull, vibrant taste. It’s not a dead product, it’s still living in the bottle. For one it could be experimental stuff, for one it could be nothing special, whatever you feel about should be right. Despite we hope that it will make you as happy as us to drink it. It’s about freshness, digestibility, sustainability and the one who produces it with lots of love. It’s just wine, as simple as that, not a big deal. Santé!

Additives legally permitted


SO2 legal limits (ml/l)
Red = 150
White = 200


SO2 legal limits (ml/l)
Red = 100
White = 150


SO2 legal limits (ml/l)
Red = 70
White = 90


SO2 legal limits (ml/l)
Red = 30
White = 40


Yailen Diaz proposes a weekly menu of mouthwatering, creative plates to go with our selection of natural wines. Only fresh and quality products.


200 references of fresh and lively natural wine, most of them coming from France but as well from other small wineyards across europe + craft bier, apéritif, digestif, coffee, etc

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